Peltier Heat-Cool/Heated Sampling Accessory

FTIR Heat-Cool/Heated Sampling Accessory with Mounting Kit, Temperature Controller and TempSet™ Software.



Simplex Scientific Peltier Heat-Cool Sampling Accessory

The Peltier Heat-Cool/Heated Sampling Accessory is designed to heat or cool samples for spectroscopic studies. Depending on temperature peltier-heat-cool-devicerequirements, either the Peltier Heat-Cool Sampling Accessory or the Heated Sampling Accessory may be preferred.
The Peltier Heat-Cool Sampling Accessory has a temperature range from –5°C to +170°C without the inconvenience of liquid cooling. The Heated Sampling Accessory has a temperature range from ambient to 170°C.
This package includes TempSet™ Software. TempProfile™ Software is also available for more advanced temperature control. Additional programming options are available – contact for details.


  • Protein Analysis
  • Polymer Studies
  • Defect Analysis


  • Temperature range of Heat-Cool Sampling
    Accessory: -5° to +170° C
  • Temperature range of Heated Sampling
    Accessory: ambient to +170° C
  • Easy access to insert transmission cell
  • Three mounting kit options

TempSet™ Software Features

  • Software install & operation reference card
  • Manual temperature control from PC
  • Temperature overshoot protection
  • Controller reset when exiting software

Temperature Controller Specifications

  • 110/220V: auto-switching for worldwide operation
  • 24-VDC low voltage for safety
  • Single-readout temperature controller
  • Readout: ± 0.1°C
  • Probe type: RTD temperature sensor