Panorama Pro

panorama Pro is a modular, high-end software platform for spectroscopic data evaluation. The application meets all requirements for a comprehensive spectroscopy working environment, offering:



Lab Cognition Panorama Pro software platform for spectroscopic data evaluation

Spectroscopic Data Visualization

The data viewer in SciGear, panorama Pro, irAnalyze, and RAMalyze displays two-dimensional and three-dimensional spectroscopic data with axes, units and other important related information on the application workspace. Import 2D and 3D data as well as molecules from a large number of data sources into the software. All kinds of spectroscopic data types are supported, including IR, MIR, NIR, Raman, UV/VIS, Fluorescence, Chromatograms, MS, etc.

Spectra are displayed either joined or separated. The active spectrum and its related information are shown together to provide you with all information at a glance. Comprehensive zoom and data table view capabilities are available for review.







Data Evaluation & Mathematics

The analyst’s everyday basic mathematical methods are integrated into the mathematics add-on module as well as in SciGear.

All 2D and 3D spectroscopic data can be processed with just a few mouse clicks and parameter settings. Operations can be undone and redone with ease. Frequently used mathematical operations are automatically stored in a math operation history and can be applied to subsequent data sets with a single click.

All data processing operations, including parameters, are logged in an audit trail. This audit trail is attached to the processed object for full 21 CFR part 11 compliance readiness. The change control history of an object can be tracked easily in the audit trail window. Some more comprehensive features are available with the Security add-on module.

The list of mathematical functions is constantly enhanced. Our plug-in concept allows creation of your own custom methods. You may undo and redo all operations for maximum convenience.

Process Analysis, Real Time Reaction Monitoring & Trend Analysis

Discover the optimal trend in your spectroscopic data! Follow a chemical reaction or similar laboratory process using reaction monitoring.

Record a series of spectra, analyze and monitor the trends of particular peaks, or predicted properties derived from all recorded spectra.

Trends are displayed as graph and tabulated values with additional statistical information, such as the best polynomial fit function and regression coefficient. Spectra and the region of interest are shown either as a 2D spectral overlay, or a 3D plot.

Trend analysis can either be performed online while a reaction is running, or offline using a series of already recorded spectra. Run different what-if scenarios by adapting analysis parameters to find the best fit for your analytical problem.

Trend analysis parameters can also be updated while running a reaction, as well as during acquisition of new spectra with your instrument. This gives you optimal flexibility to follow your process.

panorama Pro is designed to perfectly assist you and to keep you focused on your daily work.






A large number of add-on modules are available to the capabilities according to your needs.