NF 2000 FT-NIR for Rapid Material ID

The NF 2000 Raw Material ID (RMID) System offers a new kind of NIR analysis solution. The portable, instrument-to-sample design brings NIR technology directly to the point of need for Raw Material ID at the receiving area or docking dock. Our powerful Advanced-ID algorithm can even screen samples rapidly and non-invasively through packing material with no sample preparation or cross-contamination, delivering unmatched fast and accurate results.



  • Same optics as QuasIR 2000
  • Improved case design for RMID
  • Built-in probe holder and reference
  • Nema 4 / IP66 rated
  • Very rugged – suitable for a receiving area or loading dock
  • 12V power – can run off a Li-ion battery



The NF 2000 is engineered to enable direct calibration transfer without the frustration of standardizing instruments or adjusting models to accommodate instrument variability. The heart of the NF 2000 is our PermAlignTM optics technology, an innovative optical design that maintains alignment and performance even under extreme conditions. Our technology and design ensure consistency and direct methods transfer to multiple NF 2000 instruments with no performance loss.



The NF 2000 offers many technical innovations, such as PermAlign interferometer optics, industry-leading sampling accessory designs, and new concepts in software and algorithms such as our Advanced-ID software for low concentration targeted screening.

Example Spectra of Excipients

Example Spectra of Excipients










Novel Probe Design

Our unique probe design utilizes a reproducible fiber layout, improving the consistency between probes. Apart from six fibers at the edges, the layout ensures collection fibers surround all the launch fibers. This maximizes the amount of reflected light collected by the probe. The number and diameter of the launch fibers are designed to match the throughput of the interferometer for optimal performance.

  • Pistol grip with trigger to start measurements
  • Results displayed with colored lights for Pass, Fail, and In-Progress

The probe also comes with an adjustable stand and sample platform. The probe stand has a folding design for portability and non-slip feet for stability.


Ideal for Loading Dock, Field, or Lab

At just 46.2 x 24.7 x 15.8 (cm) and less than 9  kg, the NF 2000 is made for analysis on-the-go while bringing the instrument to the sample for rapid identification in the field.

The small size means the NF 2000 uses minimal valuable laboratory space, or can be easily installed next to a factory process. Its robust design means virtually no downtime for maintenance or repairs.

The NF 2000 can operate from mains power (110 – 240 VAC), Lithium-ion  battery (12V, 3A), or vehicle power (12V, 3A). The different power capabilities of the NF 2000 give the user the flexibility and portability to use the instrument in any setting where it might be needed for Raw Material ID.

General Specification Value
Dimensions (WxDxH cm) 46.2 x 24.7 x 15.8
Weight < 9 kg
Communication USB
Operating Temperature 0 – 40oC
Enclosure Protection IP66
Laser Life > 10 years
NIR Source Life > 20,000 hours, user replaceable


Performance Specifications Value
Wavelength Range 12,000 – 4,000cm-1
Spectral Resolution Better than 4 cm-1
Wavelength Accuracy < 0.1cm-1 @ 7181.68cm-1
Wavelength Repeatability < 0.05cm-1 @ 7181.68cm-1
Photometric Accuracy Better than 0.1% T
Noise Better than 20 micro au