High Temperature Nano-Oven heats to 500C





The Nano Oven provides precision temperature  control with heating to 500C and is compatible with a variety of Simplex inserts. It is based on a 2 x 3 inch mount for compatibility with Microscopes and most spectrometers.

2 x 3 inch base fits most Infrared, Raman and Visible microscope stages





2 x 3 inch base fits spectrometer slide mounts







Compression Cell






– Passivated Stainless Steel construction
– Compatible with 13mm windows
– Diamond Windows available
– Removable handles for easy use
– Works with Simplex micro-Oven for high  temperatures
– 2 x 3 card option
– Compatible with Microscopes or Beam Condensers

Microflow cell

Microflow cell

The Microflow cell provides chemical resistance analysis of liquid materials.

Reflectance cell






Polished Stainless Steel which can be used with/without a window for reflectance  of powders, liquids or gels.