Push broom imaging is a technique that enables acquiring hyperspectral images or hyperspectral imaging. Each pixel of the image will thus contain an NIR or visible spectrum. This technology uses one dimension of a 2D sensor for measuring a line of the sample (x dimension).

Dedicated optics into the system separate the wavelength over the other dimension of the sample. In order to measure the whole product, the sample needs to move in order to acquire another line below the previous one. The full data obtained is called an Hypercube ; it will contain the complete image with a spectrum for each pixel.

Contaminant and high throughput applications 

As for other products, INDATECH searches for the excellence in providing you with the best solution. For this reason, our solution is based on SPECIM camera, the best manufacturer on the market.

INDATECH engineering team customizes SPECIM cameras into dedicated solutions for detection of contaminants in food for online application but also other approachs for high throughput at lab scale such as inspection of experiments in microliter plate or injection syringe. INDATECH can also adapt the data analysis software based on different chemometric tools.


Smart hyperspectral machine

Hyperspectral imaging

A box containing all the optical part for an efficient imaging system

The camera is inside the box with the light source. As a photocopier the sample is not moving. The line camera will scan the sample from the top or bottom according to the option chosen.

A plate in the drawer is designed specifically for your sample type. The plate contain the white reference and is calculated to be exactly at the focus point. 


In this use case well plate of lyophylised product are use. They are measure from the bottom. A metallic part help maintain properly the well plate. 

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