Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Meet your analytical needs with an easy to use and reliable fluorescence spectrophotometer that gives you superior sensitivity where you need it most, renowned reliability and enhanced sampling capabilities. The Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is the proven choice for all applications in academia, life sciences, biotechnology, chemicals, energy and food testing analyses.

The Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is the best, no-nonsense, solution for unrivalled productivity, performance and value that will exceed all of your analytical expectations.





The Agilent Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer is sensitive, accurate and flexible, and is designed to meet your immediate and future challenges. With accurate temperature control, no sample photobleaching, and a range of measurement options, you can be sure that the Agilent Cary Eclipse will give you answers you can trust.


  • Lowest cost of ownership — with an exceptionally long lifetime of 3 billion flashes, the lamp typically lasts 10 years, minimizing lamp replacement and saving you money over the lifetime of the instrument
  • No need for cuvettes — the optional fiber optic probe delivers accurate results in a fraction of the time, improving your workflow and reducing your costs
  • Exceptionally fast data collection — with a scan rate of up to 24,000 nm/min, you can scan the entire wavelength range in under 3 seconds and collect at 80 points/sec for kinetics measurements
  • Sensitivity — detect picomolar amounts of fluorescein in both standard and micro cuvettes
  • Measure precious or biological samples with ease — the xenon flash lamp enables highly sensitive measurements on small volume samples to be made without sample degradation
  • Flexibility — choose from fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence collection modes, to provide a robust and versatile workhorse for all your analytical needs



Quantify Quinine in Beverages Using Agilent Cary Eclipse and Fiber Optic Dip Probe


Determination of antioxidant capacity in human serum using the Agilent Cary Eclipse for the ORAC assay


Monitoring fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) between GFP fusions in lysates of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the Cary Eclipse


Fluorescence measurement of hybridization between quencher (DABCYL) labelled PNA probes and a fluoresceine labelled DNA using the Fluorescence BioMelt Package


Cytosolic expression of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) and its derivatives in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae


The fluorescent properties of a stalactite sample using the Cary Eclipse fibre-optic probe accessory


Using the Cary Eclipse to measure the chemiluminescence from a ruthenium complex


Time-resolved Measurements Using the Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Anisotropy Measurement Using the Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer



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