Cary 8454 UV-Vis Diode Array


The Agilent Cary 8454 UV-Visible spectrophotometer builds on 30 years of experience in photodiode array (PDA) technology and delivers an updated instrument that is easy to use, is ideal for routine applications, and meets the compliance needs of global pharmaceutical companies. The 8454 UV-Vis is the spectrophotometer of choice for QA/QC, academic teaching laboratories, and the chemical industry with rugged performance for multi-user laboratories and easy to use software.





The Agilent Cary 8454 eliminates contamination problems while delivering fast, repeatable results


If your spectrophotometer fails to capture the complete UV-Visible spectrum, the validity and repeatability of your measurements may be jeapordized by contaminants retained with your target analytes. With its photo diode array (PDA) light path, Agilent’s Cary 8454 UV-Visible spectroscopy system gives you several advantages over traditional scanning instruments:

  • A complete spectrum: Nothing gets past Agilent’s Cary 8454 because it saves the complete spectrum, not just your original range of interest. So you can refer back to your data to search for impurities or investigate samples further.
  • Faster, simpler scans: With the touch of a button, Agilent’s Cary 8454 takes a snapshot of the entire spectrum (190 to 1100 nm) in under one second.
  • Fewer re-alignment issues: The shutter is the only moving component of Agilent’s Cary 8454, allowing you to move the instrument without tedious recalibration.
  • Intuitive operation: Agilent’s UV-Visible ChemStation software allows lab technicians to generate a complete spectrum of data without learning the intricacies of UV-Vis measurements.
  • Reliable results, every time: With few moving parts the instrument is robust — run the Agilent Cary 8454 every day for years without expensive repairs or calibrations.


In addition, Agilent’s Cary 8454 features an open sample compartment positioned between the lamps and the grating, which minimizes the effects of stray light.


Everything you need for fast, accurate and compliant measurements

The Cary 8454 UV-Vis has high throughput, low photometric noise, excellent wavelength accuracy and reproducibility, and excellent photometric stability. This allows you to collect high quality, accurate and precise data in a short amount of time. The system includes a dedicated Verification mode with automated testing to ensure compliance with all pharmacopeia requirements. Agilent Services and Support offers training programs, support agreements, a validation hotline, service contracts, and certification:

Available Accessories

  • Ambient or water thermostatted multicell holders
  • Thermostatted single cell holders
  • Variable pathlength cell holders
  • Autosampler and pump
  • Agilent single and multi-dissolution baths


Benefits of the Agilent Cary 8454 UV-Vis Diode Array for Multi-Wavelength Kinetics


The Diode Array Advantage